What is Calvins Car Dealership?

This is the most unique car dealership EVER!

Calvin's Car Dealership also known as "The YouTube car dealership" is virtual online car dealership where viewers of Calvin's YouTube channel can see what the day-to-day running of a car dealership is like. This is the only car dealership in existence that will show it's monthly accounts, earnings, expenses, losses and dealings with customers. This is an online video-form reality series of what it's really like to be a car dealer. This website is the online presence of the dealership where you'll be able to view any of the stock available to the public. Like any other car dealership, all of the available stock can be bought by you the customer so if you see something that takes your fancy, don't hold back because they sell fast here! But please consider that we will be asking you to participate in the series if you do buy a vehicle. 

Make sure you're subscribed to the channel to keep up to dat with what's going on at CCD "Calvins Car Dealership"

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